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Melody Starr Alexander 7/23/05-2/9/07

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All about my family!

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My Mommy
This is my beautiful mommy


Crystal Gail Tester is my mommy's given name, but I called her 'mommy' (that's so much easier to say). Mommy stays at home with us kids, but she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from East Tennessee State University and has been accepted to graduate school. One day mommy might go back to school or work, but for now she is happy being able to play with her children. Before I had to leave, mommy loved to put in a DVD for me and we would snuggle together in her and Daddy's bed and watch it, then we would go to the living room and watch Doodlebops or Noggin. Mommy and me would listen to music and dance and play together until it was nap time. Then we would snuggle together and take our afternoon nap. Then we would get up and play the rest of the day. Mommy & me had so much fun together!

My daddy
This is my handsome daddy! (Everyone said I looked just like him)


My daddy is the best daddy in the world! He is a manager at Goodwill Industries in Morristown, TN. Sometimes when daddy wasn't working he would build things and work on things and I would always help! Daddy brought home some of the prettiest necklaces and bracelets to use in making his jewelry but he always let me try them on and play with them first. My daddy put me to bed every night. He would kiss me, lay me down in my crib, and say "G'night baby girl. I love you. I'll see you around 4:30 (because the is about the time that I would wake up and want Daddy to take me to sleep with him and mommy for a little while). I always helped daddy get dressed for work in the mornings too! He would get up and take a shower and come to their bedroom to get his jeans and shirt on. One morning I told him 'no' to a shirt so he put it back and picked another one. Then he would sit on the bed and put his socks and shoes on. I would either hang onto his shoulder and watch him or sometimes I would sit in his lap and 'help' him tie his shoes. We had such fun times together.

Christmas Eve 2006
Jarred, Melody Alanna, Jake, Mommy & Landon

My Brothers & Sister

This is a picture of me with my mommy, older brothers and little sister.

'Mommy Tabby'
This is mommy's cousin, Tabby, and me on Christmas Eve 2006

My Surrogate Mommy, Tabby

Tabby and her husband Greg were a huge part of my life as well as mommy's Aunt Rita & Uncle Randy. I had my mommy and daddy, plus two set of surrogate parents. I was so lucky and loved! Tabby loved taking me to Asheville, NC, Knoxville, TN or anywhere that we could SHOP! That was our favorite thing to do together. I had my own room at her house and everything! She spoiled me more than anyone else, although everyone else did too.